We are almost a week away from the start. Of the 2018 fifa world cup russia and.As kick-off time approaches more and more brands. Are joining the world cup fever. We are almost a week away from the start. Of the 2018 fifa world cup russia and. As kick-off time approaches more and more brands are joining the world cup fever. We know that the fifa world cup is one of the most important. Events in the world of sport at a global level, something that is reflected in its value as a brand. In 2016 it was estimated at 229 million dollars. According to information from forbes. Its audience reach both in stadiums and around the world. Only the 2014 world cup in brazil was seen on television by 3.1 billion people.

Lionel Messi Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo

According to data from euromericas sport marketing . Thus, for example, there are already several partner brands. That have launched campaigns for russia 2018.Adidas (lionel messi zinedin zidane chicharito hernández. Among others appear. Visa (with zlatan ibrahimović) and coca-cola have already begun their strategies. But other brands are also seeking to take advantage of the fever, such as gatorade. Which launched an animated video with lionel messi. Corona and its #aerocorona campaign. Or new balance with otruska pack.To name just a few.

Reasons Why The Series Produced by Selena Gomez

Andorra B2B List

Given this context youtube wanted to join. In and presented some data on the most popular players. And teams on the video platform and although names and national teams are repeated. They do not always do so in the same position. In this way the service that belongs to google identified that during 201. Users played more minutes of videos related to latin american teams. Although a european managed to sneak into the top argentina brazil peru portugal and mexico. And as expected. The videos with the most views are those starring three of the best footballers in the world.which has become. One of the most popular on facebook.

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