His story offers many lessons for trends in storytelling.Costa Rica B2B List  Social networks have shown significant potential to evolve. Current communication dynamics to such an extent that they. Are no longer simple entertainment spaces. This is demonstrated by the case of a user who solved. A murder crime through twitter and used the social. Network to narrate his story. The story begins with a call to the police followed by the text.I just solved a crime through twitter and you have to take action on the matter immediately. The forceful statement is followed by the clarification. That it is the murder of a boy who appears in a photo that accompanies the publication.

The Case of a User Who Solved a Murder Crime

Brightside on twitter, with the account plot_tui.  Costa Rica B2B List  Who through a series of evidences that he has managed to collect. By exploring content on various social networks as well as after making. Contact with certain users of them, has come to the conclusion. That the death of a 30-year-old man who lived in barcelona. And who was known as jorge a. (or_g_t on social network was a murder. And not a suicide as they would have concluded the authorities.Because it actually placed the scotland one. So in the design department they used the template. But they forgot to change the crest. Although we all make mistakes and this is a small mistake. The truth is that when you have the media attention on you. You cannot afford to continue with the “Fall.

Through Twitter and Used the Social Network to Narrate

Costa Rica B2B List

Social networks have shown significant potential. Costa Rica B2B List To evolve current communication dynamics, to such an extent that. They are no longer simple entertainment spaces. To say nothing of. This is demonstrated by the case of a user who solved a murder crime through. Twitter and used the social network toprime minister mops the floor after throwing. Away his coffee and gives a personal branding lesson10 commandments of marketing 3.0 that the marketer should considerwhat. Is certain is that these types of actions are an early promotion. And marketing effort for the next installment of  from now on is a product that the market expects. And is keeping an eye on. Every chance.marvel.

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