Christina LeVasseur , at the time of our interview still Christina Brodzky (congratulations!), is an SEO consultant and CEO of MediaSesh . Last week, we sat down to discuss his work in the industry and his professional growth. Check out his tips for determining your place in the SEO world (or maybe even somewhere else?). Could you briefly describe what you do and how it relates to SEO? What I do each day will be a little different depending on what is going on, but I will say that most of the time in the morning I will spend time reading and answering some emails, I will read new discoveries.

Case Studies From Our Industry There Is Always Something New.

If any of these things that I read may impact customer reviews, I will go ahead and spend time making annotations. An example would be any confirmed or unconfirmed algorithm updates or anything else of interest that happened. I add these things to my diary to update clients. Then I spend part of the Kuwait Phone number day analyzing Google Analytics to see organic traffic performance, organic conversions, revenue, and to see if there are any priority items I need to investigate. The rest of the day it’s usually just doing some kind of in-depth analysis based on something interesting that comes out of the data or it’s usually me working on some kind of audit. This may include technical content, but does not necessarily have to.

Do You Mainly Work From Home or Do You Have an Office.

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The pandemic has had a huge impact on many SEOs. I work from home and in fact I was working from home before COVID even started. I remember I used to get so distracted while working in the office. People were still coming into the office, asking me about my weekend, someone was tapping their pen, or a phone was ringing in the distance. These things have always been huge distractors to me. That’s why I like working remotely.

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