Connect Your Form to an Email Marketing Bahrain Email List Tool 7.2. Target / Re-target to Boost Conversions 8. Bonus: How About Readymade Forms? 9. Conclusion Having a WordPress website with all the essential functionalities is great! But if Bahrain Email List you are into business and really want to make it big with your customers, all WordPress Forms Having a professional looking form makes it easier for your website visitors to reach out to you. It is an Bahrain Email List effective channel of communication that can bring you business opportunities, leads, blog subscribers, potential customers, etc. The possibilities are endless. WordPress forms may contain any.

Essential Elements of WordPress Forms

various input fields for different purposes: WordPress Bahrain Email List forms Text boxes – Short answers Text area – Long responses Submit button – Send the message Radio buttons – Choose one response from many alternatives Check boxes – Choose multiple responses from a list of options Upload button – Allow users upload Bahrain Email List a document, image, etc. Reset button – Clear the form fields Drop-down list – Select an option from a set of given alternatives Web Address – Allow users enter a URL of their website Some things to keep in Bahrain Email List mind while designing your form Limited fields -Keep only necessary input fields. Having irrelevant fields and questions on a form can frustrate your prospective clients.

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Types of WordPress Forms

Mobile responsiveness -Since we are living in the Bahrain Email List mobile era, your forms must be responsive Types of WordPress Forms Based upon your requirement, the forms are classified into 6 types: Contact Form Survey Form Lead Generation Bahrain Email List Form / Subscription Form Order Form Event Registration Form Unsubscribe Form Contact Form Contact form Primary Purpose – Resolve customer queries or concerns. The contact form is Bahrain Email List one of the most common types of web forms. Almost all the sites on the internet have a contact form for their visitors and they should. Most contact forms have three input fields: Name, Email and Message.

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