Knowing the most important insights and aspects of the.Investors Email Lists  User can be positive for the digital strategies implemented by. All kinds of companies. Including emerging ones. Adapt or die one of the old maxims that .Remain valid to this day. Due to the above, technology, the use of the internet. And devices have changed the entire action scenario for companies. Technological services guarantee better efficiency productivity and order. Virtually anyone can open a website by any means. Even from an app. This point highlights the importance of an emerging. Company having basic knowledge about digital security.

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And that each employee receives training.  Investors Email Lists On information theft and cyber attacks.In the first place. As well as the use of tools. Currently cybersecurity is something that anyone should. Take into account and precisely the reason. Is broken down in this way use mobile devices.Social networks and digital platforms to get the job done. On the part of large companies. The effect and begins to turn negative. According to data from cs the cost of cyber crimes would cost 6 trillion dollars annually until 2021. At the moment data from cybersecurities ventures indicates that. Since 2017, the annual business. Expense on the same matter is $1 trillion dollars . In addition there are already cases where small businesses .Are beginning to come under attack either by.

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Investors Email Lists

Scammers trying to extract cash or by falsifying accounts.Investors Email Lists  Research by yougov says that 44 percent of small and medium.-sized businesses (smes) have been targeted by criminals. And almost one in four have been victims of fraud. The worst thing about this case is that nearly 9 percent of companies had staff .Cover the cost of cybercrime damage. In markets like the uk, where there are nearly 5.7 million small businesses. A rough estimate reveals that more than .50,000 people have lost their jobs due to cybercrime. Points to consider check the source of emails. Many may be fake. Maintain investment in tools to prevent cyberattacks.In the first place.  In addition to other types of investment in training or equipment capital.

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