TIPS FOR SUCCESS STORY TESTIMONIALS The Kenya Phone Number List proof is in the pudding. Show images, screenshots, and visuals of results whenever you can. That might be just a screenshot of the money you saved your client, or a before and after photo of a Kenya Phone Number List web design you completed. Explicitly state results. If your client is comfortable with it, use quantifiable results. Steve uses pounds lost and muscle gained. AppSumo does the same as well by Kenya Phone Number List stating the revenue generated within a specific time frame. 7. Interview testimonials One effective way to combine both the client testimonial, a video or audio testimonial, and a success story is to interview your clients

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or customers about their experience working with Kenya Phone Number List you or using your product. Oberlo posted interviews on their blog with users who have been successful while using the service. In the example below, they did a series of interviews with some Kenya Phone Number List of their users about how they started out and how Oberlo paid a part in their success. Oberlo testimonials Often, the consumers of interview testimonials won’t even realize they are Kenya Phone Number List testimonials. The best interview testimonials play out just like an interview and let the results speak for themselves. TIPS FOR INTERVIEW TESTIMONIALS Do a video or audio interview. This will set you apart from text interviews and add

Kenya Phone Number List
Kenya Phone Number List

another layer of credibility. Let your client know Kenya Phone Number List ahead of time if you have any talking points. Your client will probably want to know before the interview if you want to talk about specific results (pounds lost, money earned or saved, etc) or you want Kenya Phone Number List them to address anything in the interview. Prep them! Don’t ask leading questions. A leading question is when you ask a question in a way that you will elicit the response you want; this is what the Kenya Phone Number List evil lawyers do in the movies. Trust that your client will be open, honest, and complimentary. 8. Long-form testimonials You’ve probably heard that long-form sales letters work, right? It’s true. Long-form sales copy

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