of the problem. This is included within the Japan Email List problem-investigation-solution relationship, which means that it is conceived because we propose that, through an investigation, we will reach its solution or contribute to other authors Japan Email List reaching it (Lam 2005: 6). As has been observed, the characterization of a problem is part of the research process that consists of several steps: “to formulate the problem is to characterize it, define it, frame Japan Email List it theoretically, suggest solution proposals to be demonstrated, all of which can be a difficult task. for the researcher ”(Lam 2005: 6). It is a meticulous task that is carried out in order to make satisfactory.

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proposals. Example First, we ask the questions. How Japan Email List can this problem be reduced or eliminated? Then, we move the information to the paragraph. The therapy based on mentalization (MBT) seeks, precisely, to interweave the feelings and Japan Email List thoughts of these individuals, until the self that was not conformed in childhood is able to form. This therapy requires two sessions a week: an individual session and a group session, and lasts Japan Email List for at least two years (Bateman and Foray 2004: 205). 6. Bibliographic review It should not be forgotten that, to properly establish a problem or problematic situation, it is also necessary to carry out a bibliographic

Japan Email List
Japan Email List

review or contrast with other opinions In this Japan Email List sense, it is important to follow several of the steps described above, referring to the studies and research of other authors. Example BATEMAN, Anthony W. and Peter FONAGY 2004 Psychotherapy for Japan Email List borderline personality disorder . New York: Oxford University Press. “Effective psychological interventions for the treatment of borderline personality disorder.” International Journal of Psychology and Japan Email List Psychological Therapy. Almería, volume 12, number 1, pp. 97-114. Consultation: pdf In conclusion, to describe a problem, it is necessary to approach it methodically. In that sense, you can

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