installers and offer them personalized direct Seychelles Email List mail postcards to replace door-knocking as a marketing channel. We can replicate a lot of the same lead tactics that solar installers did with door-to-door by targeting the six nearest neighbors Seychelles Email List of existing installs. Here’s an example of how Scout offers postcard marketing to solar Seychelles Email List installers. ByerSolar Essentially, we can use this nearest neighbor strategy to tell solar prospects, “Hey, I was just over at Larry’s house and Larry used us to install solar panels. I wanted to let you.

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know that he had a good experience. Here’s how Seychelles Email List much you can save. You should chat with him about what it’s like to go solar.” In this instance, door-to-door is totally something you can replicate with postcards. We also included Seychelles Email List a picture of their roof from space, and included variables about how many hours of sunlight per year they get. We hired an outsourcer to look at every roof from space and record Seychelles Email List either “has solar” or “doesn’t have solar” to exclude residences with solar as leads. QUANTIFYING THE PAIN: SOLAR INSTALLERS So, how do we quantify the pain for homeowners so we can help solar installers engage them.

Seychelles Email List
Seychelles Email List

as customers? It turns out there’s a fantastic Seychelles Email List dataset for this purpose on California’s Net Energy Metering program. This is a list of every solar installer and every installation of solar panels in California. From this data, we can tell exactly Seychelles Email List how successful solar companies are, and see who has historically sold a lot of solar installations. We can also identify, by sales data, which of these companies are in pain right now, and Seychelles Email List might be open to running a direct mail test. THE EMAIL MESSAGE: SOLAR Here’s the complete came across my radar when looking through CA NEW data. You were the #1 installer unzip codes by Seychelles Email List total system cost in 2019! Your best zip code was – does that sound about right? This is why I’m reaching out. I’m

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