Digital marketing media mexico written. Luxembourg B2B List By liz puon just a few days before the next. Organized by the national electoral institute at the gran. Equally important. Museo del mundo maya in mérida yucatán in which the candidates.As a matter of fact.  Andrés manuel lópez obrador ricardo anaya. José antonio meade and jaime rodríguez calderón will speak. Poverty and inequality science and technology education. Health sustainable development and climate change. For the first time the candidates will answer questions.As a matter of fact. Correspondingly.  Asked by citizens through social networks moderated. By journalists gabriela warkentin leonardo curzio and carlos puig.

Digital Marketing Media Mexico Written by Liz Puon Just

The behavior of the digital conversation on.  Luxembourg B2B List  Twitter during the last debate has been led by ricardo anaya. With 132 thousand 928 mentions followed by andrés manuel lópez obrador. With 105 thousand 579 tweets while josé antonio meade obtained 93 thousand 237 tweets. And finally jaime rodriguez generated 11355 mentions on twitter according to union metrics.A web page and a video with supposed evidence that the brothers juan and manuel barreiro.As a matter of fact.  carried out operations to send money to ricardo anaya’s campaign.As a matter of fact. Were released on june 7. However today 15 minutes before the third presidential debate. The second part of the anaya case video was broadcast on. Correspondingly. Youtube in which they accuse the candidate of money laundering.

Few Days Before the Next President of the Mexican Republic Is Elected

Luxembourg B2B List

Only after 30 minutes of publication.Luxembourg B2B List The video has more than 2000 views and has become a trending. Topic on social networks with the hashtag #casoanaya. Generating 18,626 tweets in just the first minutes of the video broadcast. Presidential candidate ricardo anaya previously stated that it is.In the first place. An orchestrated strategy promoted by the government. Of president enrique peña nieto to damage my candidacy.In the first place. they attack me because the day before yesterday at the ibero.To say nothing of. I said very clearly that enrique peña nieto is corrupt.In the first place. And I repeated that when I am president I will make sure that. He faces justice and if he is guilty he goes to jai he added.

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