I work closely with my manager, Wojtek. He’s an experienced SEO, and whenever I need to brainstorm or discuss something client-related, I can always reach out to him, and we find the solution together. This kind of work support is huge, and I appreciate it. What qualities do you immediately associate with Onely and our team? We are data driven. This is a huge plus because we don’t just give recommendations, we back them up with data. We therefore always work with facts, official sources and data. This is something that I appreciate at Onely, and it is also very beneficial for customers. Probably performance – every year Google is focusing more and more on user experience and performance.

Clients Usually Don’t Work Much on Performance on Their Own.

So maybe it’s not a high priority for them, or rather, they don’t realize it’s such a high priority. Since the page experience update, Core Web Vitals is part of Google’s ranking algorithms. However, some customers do not know this yet. For us, every performance report for a new project includes the Core Web Vitals analysis at the very beginning. I don’t think you need to Sri-Lanka Phone number code exceptionally well, which means you don’t have to be a programmer to be SEO. You need to know some basics – it’s part of the job. You need to know which code elements are SEO related.

Also You Usually Work With Developers It’s Great to Know.

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the jargon and some tricks, but it’s not necessary at first. You can be a great SEO without being able to code. I used to code, but I don’t do it as much these days. At one point in my life I considered coding as a career path, it’s an exciting field, but right now I don’t think I’m interested in it. Maybe one day!

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