Where do you go when you do research or when you want to deepen your knowledge? It depends on what I want to learn. I have no place to go, but I have a self-awareness that I need to go beyond just understanding analytics. Being involved in analytics, I try to broaden my skills to make me a better consultant, but it doesn’t always have to do with analytics. I became interested in copying – I’m dyslexic, so I deal with things differently – I invested in Joanna Wiebe’s Copyhackers School . She is good. She will talk to you like a normal person. Well worth the money. I’m a small business, I write my own content. If I write like an analyst, no one will read this. Even though copywriting isn’t essential, I need to know enough to be dangerous! In addition, data visualization is essential to presentation.

I Have to Make It Easier for Customers to Understand.

So when I want to dive into user experience, design elements, I dive into TED talks, reading blogs from people in the industry. I think YouTube is also a great resource. Discussions and lectures refer to other experts, and you go down the rabbit hole. Recently, I read Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez. You’ll be angry when you read it, but it’s telling. He has collected academic papers that prove the Paraguay Phone number world is built on a set of data for men. Do you think this influences research? I have come across many examples of default languages ​​for men. The same goes for voice search. The dataset was a search for male data.

Many May Not Recognize Female Voices Even I Had This.

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unconscious bias of referring to the boss as a man. It comes from education, from culture, from storybooks. This book opened my eyes. Since then, I always focus on the promotion of women, girls. Men can take care of themselves. How did you discover Women in Tech SEO? How long have you been a member? I think I joined because a lot of speakers I met at conferences told me about Areej. I met her in 2019 and joined her pretty early.

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