When I need to do research, I always start with Google’s documentation. If I can’t find anything useful there, I search deeper, maybe on Twitter or SEO groups. I also visit the Women in Tech SEO Slack. I signed up for a few SEO newsletters to stay up to date with what’s new. I read one at least once a week. It’s not always related to my job, but it’s a great way to get some insight into the industry. What SEO blogs or websites do you follow to keep up to date with the industry? The Onely blog, of course. Other than that, I follow people in the SEO industry on Twitter – especially amazing women in the WTS community.

I Should Also Mention Google Folks Like John Mueller.

Martin Splitt, and Rick Viscomi. If you want to follow Google’s updates on search, tools, and performance, Twitter is the place to be. What aspects of SEO do you find most interesting? Well, I would say anything related to on-page SEO. It’s a huge area that affects both real people and Googlebot. I find it interesting to Romania Phone number think about ways to improve a website for both users and search engines. The longer I am at Onely, the more I realize how important it is to understand developers as SEOs. But do you have to code to be SEO? I don’t think you need to code exceptionally well.

Which Means You Don’t Have to Be a Programmer to Be Seo.

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You need to know some basics – it’s part of the job. You need to know which code elements are SEO related. Also, you usually work with developers – it’s great to know the jargon and some tricks, but it’s not necessary at first. You can be a great SEO without being able to code. I used to code, but I don’t do it as much these days. At one point in my life I considered coding as a career path, it’s an exciting field, but right now I don’t think I’m interested in it. Maybe one day!

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