Share on facebook share on twitter share on linkedin. Share on whatsapp share by email 06/20/2018 written. By jazmin garibay international.Marketing digital marketing media marketing .The host rachel maddow, specializing in politics for msnbc. Did not contain her tears in a live broadcast for open televisionhost rachel maddow, specializing in politics for msnbc.Did not contain her tears in a live broadcast for open television.Reading an exclusive associated press story on the situation. Of mexican immigrant children. Since the us government. Announced its zero-tolerance policy in early may. More than 2,300 children have been separated from their parents at the us-mexico border.

Babies and young children are taken from

Their parents at the border and sent to cage-like shelters. The presenter cried live and impacted social networks. My dream jobthe soap bubble artist. Buy France WhatsApp Numbers  He apologized for what happened through. His social networks of himbut he represented. The feeling of thousands of people, so his video of him was already viral. In like manner. This type of reaction reached various opinion leaders. Such as that of pope francis. Who condemned the us position. Even american airlines told the united states. Government not to transport children who have. Been separated from their families. Due to immigration policy. “We have asked the federal government to immediately. Refrain from using american for the purpose. Of transporting sexual harassment has been the subject. Of various advertising campaigns in the world. In favor of making men and women aware of this.

However the efforts do not seem sufficient

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Especially among journalists who in the midst. Of carrying out their work suffer abuses. As in the case of the sexual assault. Of a colombian reporter. Julieth gonzález therán. Was in the city of saransk to broadcast the reactions. Of the fans before the colombia-japan match. When in full broadcast live for the news channel in spanish. Of the german chain deutsche welle she was harassed by a man. The fan approached her from her left side. Grabbed her firmly with both arms and kissed her cheek.When Presenting the Situation Grant Children Networks.

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