When users selected the audio button they.Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List Had the option to record it with whatsapp’s own recorder. This feature has been removed. Undoubtedly, whatsapp is one of the platforms. That has surprised the market in recent times with the launch. Of a series of updates that seek to improve the user experience. However now everything seems to indicate that the arrival. Of new options for its subscribers will not be free and. The payment will be the disappearance of some other tools. The first victim, according to various reports, will be the. Voice recorder itself that has accompanied the interactions. Of users of the instant messaging app for several years. According to media reports such as andro4all. When users selected the audio button they had the. Option to record it with whatsapp’s own recorder.

However From Now on the Facebook-owned Messaging App

Voice notessince the traditional recording has been eliminated.  Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List  Currently whatsapp ranks as the second platform for social interaction. With the largest number of users.More than 1300 registered users only below facebook and. Of these 53 percent connect more than once a day. According to data published in statista. Reports indicate that this change will not affect the way the platform and its voice notes work so far. In fact, for some time now they have been. Working on improving this tool so that now users can send. Voice messages without the need to press and hold. The microphone icon. In this sense it is important to mention that the removal.

Displays a Message Asking the User to Use the Microphone to Send Their

Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List

Of the recorder will only be noticeable. Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List In the main menu of the platform. Which is now made up of options to send photos from the gallery, documents. Contacts and locations. But from now on it would omit the audio option. At the moment, this change is only available in a beta versiohowever it is expected that it will soon be extended to the majority of users. Innovation seems to be the flag of whatsapp to maintain relevance in the market. Even though it leads, it has now grown in competition. Thanks to other players such as line or telegram and even snapchat. Which with differentiated proposals have managed to gain positions. Within communication dynamics. Current. Networks and it is not for lessn for audio recorder e3.

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