A common mistake is allowing too many pages to be indexed, especially for e-commerce websites. They usually have filters that customers can use to narrow down product categories. Sometimes these filters generate links to new pages – this way we can get an almost infinite amount of them. If you don’t block crawling and indexing of these pages, you may run into problems. Low quality, almost duplicate pages are crawled and indexed by Google, and essential pages may be left out accordingly. This can make indexing new stuff more complex, you can have issues with crawl budget, and you can end up with a lot of duplicate content being indexed. Would you say this is the most serious problem related to indexing? Not necessarily. The opposite problem – Google barely indexing the site – is also very popular.

This Sometimes Happens Due to Crawl Budget Issues.

Or googlebot accidentally blocking important pages. There is also partial indexing – when an essential. Part of the page is not indexed. For example, this sometimes happens with product. Descriptions and has many possible causes. What are your favorite seo. Tools that you use when working? I like how screaming frog lets you crawl. Both the entire domain and a list or sample of urls you choose. I use it for many different purposes. It also has some other useful features – like custom extract, which. Allows me to Taiwan Phone number  extract one or more elements from a page and see things like. The number of product reviews or product descriptions in bulk .

So I Find It Very Useful Especially for E-commerce Projects.

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The other tool would be Ahrefs. It has many modules, but I mainly use it for keyword research and visibility analysis. Ahrefs has a huge database of keywords and is available for many markets, so I can easily use it for international projects. Let’s talk about your workflow: how do you typically work with clients? What does communication look like? Usually we communicate with clients using email and a project management system, maybe Slack channels.

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