What I enjoy is being part of the community and learning from others. For example, I learn from our team at Onely and follow industry social media for the latest news. One of my best communities has to be Women in Tech SEO, though – being part of it gives me confidence and support to grow in technical SEO. I discovered Women in Tech SEO fairly recently, and I love what they do as a community. I feel like having that kind of energy in the research industry was a must! Ok, I’ve asked you a lot about work, but there’s more to life than that, even if your job is your passion. Is there room and time for other things in your life beyond SEO? Sure! I love to read and walk my dog ​​– it relaxes me.

But My Number One Passion Is to Travel and Explore the World.

in any way possible. Do you plan to write other articles soon? I definitely want to write more articles, but right now that might have to wait. I am preparing to lead a workshop for Women in Teach SEO on communication between SEOs and developers. Onely is actually a sponsor of the workshop. But I plan to Luxembourg Phone number write an article about it, so be on the lookout on our blog! What is your one piece of advice for those new to SEO? Join Onely (laughs)! Honestly, it’s hard to disagree! Is there anything else? Find someone who can guide you and share their knowledge and experience with you.

Even Better if You Can Talk to Them and Review Everything.

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you do – that kind of assistance is invaluable, especially at the very beginning of your SEO journey. Since we’re giving advice now, imagine this: there’s someone seriously struggling with their website’s performance. What advice would you give them? Where do they begin to improve it? Start at the beginning – describe your strategy and desired results and how you want to achieve them.

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