Currently experience is one of the most. Important characteristics to be able to reach the user. Especially in digital. Brands have an effective opportunity. To reach their audiences through web pages. Or social network where platforms such as facebook. Or twitter are ideal for reaching the user. Regarding the latter the social network focused. On microblogging is an ideal platform to communicate what happens instantly. Since they have many different formats, which can be used. Especially since the number of characters within the platform. On facebook chatbots are available by direct message. There may also be events or content through groups. But it is a format that many users still do not fully accept. Pre-roll ads can also be part of facebook. Although the truth is that on twitter it is possible to adapt it to the needs of the brand.

There are many cases in which a firm positions a paid hashtag

And is constantly reproduced by users.  Buy Greece WhatsApp Numbers  It is not for less until the beginning of this .Year the social network has 330 million users. Which although it does not represent growth stability. At least it maintains them and is increasingly relevant to the user. Especially in events such as the world cup. Where it is more active than in other seasons or events. In factabout the world cup in brazil in 2014.It registered more than 672 million tweets. Making the social network one of the preferred sites to keep and participate in what is happening. According to the social network. 84 percent of users are interested in soccer. An interest that.Moreover has been growing year after year.

And it is expected that this year will increase

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Since this is considered the “digital world cup”. Platform figures indicate that 80 percent of twitter users. Intend to watch this edition of the world cup. Users prefer to share this type of experience on twitter. Since they can live it in a more exciting and participatory way. Enjoying all the relevant content. Even with the official hashtags. Which have particular icons, you can have a greater presence. The content preferred by users. On the other hand, is videos and livestreams.Whose increase has been exponential in recent years. Even with this soccer-related content it has increased 144What Is the Most Effective Social Network Content About r.

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