and don’t have enough data? Start testing two to Georgia Phone Numbers List five interests until you find a few that get exceptional results. set interest for your facebook audience STAGE #2: COMMIT Now your audience is warmed up for the lead Georgia Phone Numbers List gen ad. Allocate 40% to 50% of your Facebook Ads budget for this stage. Step 3. Attract Leads After five to ten days, show a lead generation ad to anyone who watched the Trigger Video. Test to Georgia Phone Numbers List see which ad types (e.g., photo ad, carousel ad) convert better. Do the same for your copy. To optimize this stage, track and understand your conversion rates at every step of your advertising and sales process. This

Wise Tips on Starting an Internet Based Business

means tracking your: Clickthrough rate Opt-in Georgia Phone Numbers List conversion percentage Email action rate (e.g., opens, clicks, unsubscribes), and Final sales conversion rate STAGE #3: CLOSE Your warm audience has now moved to the next step Georgia Phone Numbers List of your funnel. You may discover some of them will buy after receiving your lead magnet, and the others… don’t. What now? You retarget them with sales ads, which is exactly Georgia Phone Numbers List what this last stage covers. Allocate the remaining 30 – 40% of your budget for this. Step 4. Turn Objections Into Ads Go through the objections you frequently hear from customers and turn them into sales retargeting ads. Tip: Pick the

Georgia Phone Numbers List
Georgia Phone Numbers List

most common objections. You can usually find Georgia Phone Numbers List them in your inbox and from conversations at events. To scale, take the list of Georgia Phone Numbers List customers who bought from these sales retargeting ads and create a lookalike audience. Click … > Create Lookalike create lookalike audience for facebook ads LEAD GEN RED FLAG #4: COLD EMAILS WITHOUT FOLLOW-UPS The Wrong Way: Not following up enough. “Cold emails don’t work!” Do you have cold email cynics constantly telling you this? It’s likely because they give up after Georgia Phone Numbers List only one try. But it comes to emails, cold or warm, persistence and persuasion are the keys to attracting

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