then. You can use this data for retargeting Mozambique Email List campaigns to bring shoppers back to your site or by simply looking at the number of people who visit a sales or product page you can see which pages are most popular and have the best conversion Mozambique Email List rates. HOW TO MEASURE PRODUCT OR SALES PAGE VIEWS This can be tracked in Google Analytics. Head to Analytics, select ‘Behavior’, ‘Overview’ and then click ‘View full report’ in the bottom Mozambique Email List right of the screen: Measure Product Or Sales Page Views tracked in Google Analytics On the next screen, you’ll be able to locate any page on your website. Enter the name of your product as it’s displayed in your.

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product page URL in the search bar Mozambique Email List and you’ll then see all pages that match that query: Measure Product page views tracked in Google Analytics Click the link under the ‘Page’ heading and you’ll then be able to see all the relevant data for Mozambique Email List that specific product page on your website. This will tell you have many views, unique views, time on page and more. 4. OPENING YOUR EMAILS Capturing a new email address is a big win (we covered this in point #1 above). But what’s just as important is having engaged subscribers on your list. If someone Mozambique Email List joins your email list and doesn’t ever open one of your emails, they aren’t going to help your business much. In fact.

Mozambique Email List
Mozambique Email List

sending emails to thousands of people who never Mozambique Email List open them might be an expense for your business. But subscribers that open your emails and click links (both micro-conversions) are invaluable. So it’s important to keep track of how many of your Mozambique Email List subscribers are actually engaging with the content you’re sending them. HOW TO MEASURE EMAIL OPENS Most email marketing software will report on email opens (and clicks) for each email you send. Focus on these numbers and experiment with subject lines and CTAs to see how you can improve your Mozambique Email List numbers. Email open rate 5. CART ABANDONMENT In a perfect world, every time a product was.

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