It faces palpable challenges. VP Finance Email Lists Digital companies represent an important factor in the modern era. So much so that business models that do not contemplate. This area may be at risk of disappearing. According to bmc. In the first place. 92 percent of information technology (it) professionals believe. Automation needs to be used in new ways to achieve desired digital business goals. The company says that by 2020, 94 percent of those executives expect. Automation to spread from it to all areas of the business to keep up with the dynamic digital. Business innovation drive that is pervading every industry and region. Worldwide. Jesús padilla, director of marketing at paypal. Points out that one of the challenges they face in their industry is based on two.

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Fronts: the acquisition and the lifecycle of the product.  VP Finance Email Lists  The first principle was based on page media campaigns to accelerate. In the first place. The acquisition and then we based ourselves on a communication campaign. Which starts with the safety of our product and followed by the. Certainty of the mexican for betting on internet purchases he said. As a matter of fact. The executive in an interview with merca 2.0. Recently the paypal platform exceeded 2. Million users in mexico a figure that represents just over 1.5 percent of the country’s population and just over. 3 percent of digital users. Security in this regard.Padilla points out that one of the things that has served as an incentive for. Clients of his platform is working on security and data protection.

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VP Financial Email Lists

An issue that generates uncertainty among digital users in mexico.VP Finance Email Lists  According to the bmc report. Digital companies from all sectors face security threats that are a more serious .And frequent problem than ever.In the first place.  which is why global cyber attacks such .As wannacry and petya have been the main topic of public opinion lately.As a matter of fact.  Plus new potential vulnerability points keep appearing. Paypal’s marketing director points out that this factor leads to work on product and service quality. For this reason special emphasis is placed on constant investment in server maintenance and product innovations that make the customer experience more pleasant. The vision is clear since the impact of cyber attacks. To say nothing of. In latin america reaches .90 billion dollars in annual losses for companies.According to the study “Cybersecurity.

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