The financial health of the supplierBy entrusting the referencing of your site to an SEO agency , you commit yourself for several months, even several years. If the supplier is not financially sound and goes bankrupt during the process, you will lose your investment. Sincerity and transparency you. need to be able to trust your supplier. If they guarantee that you will be in the first three results of Google in two months, run away! SEO is an inexact science. If you follow Google’s SEO rules, like YATEO does as a White.

Hat Seo Agency You Shouldn’t Expect Results for at Least.

3-6 months. A pay-for-performance approach success of your business. Largely depends on your search engine optimization . If the agency fails to Ecuador Phone number meet its goals, you shouldn’t have to pay for the service. Yateo has a performance-based model: either the seo revenues generated. By the agency increase compared to what they were before its intervention. Or the agency is not remunerated. This virtuous model guarantees that all actors are aligned on the same objectives: the client. The agency and the account manager of yateo will. Base their remuneration on the achievement of growth objectives. Analytical tools in order to measure. The effectiveness of the seo strategy and carry out its mission.

The Seo Agency Must Have a Certain Number of Tools.

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So observer, etc. And must have trained its teams in use of these tools. Concern for your goalsa quality seo agency should. Care about your priorities and offer you a personalized solution. If you’re looking to convert, then a traffic-only strategy isn’t relevant. Your interlocutor must be able to understand and integrate your objectives into their seo strategy . Are you looking for a serious and efficient seo agency. Use the services of one of our SEO agencies to set up. An effective and personalized content strategy.


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