Friends With Winogrand we didn’t have time. I haven’t met many. But when I get to know someone I get to know them well. As with Plossu. I have heard many photographers recommend the FK seminars for acquiring knowledge around photography questioning the necessity of the multiyear studies that the schools offer. Let’s clear things up. First of all FK is not a school. I’m just doing an introductory art photography course. The technique I teach is the minimum necessary for creation. Those who want will find the rest themselves. And my advanced classes are on fine art photography. Whether schools are useful or not will be proven by the professional arena an area in which I am useless.

You really think you are worthless

Someone who does advertising photography Without a trace of modesty I believe that humanly I am useful to him and photographically I am useless to him. I am Photo Background Removing proud that many come to the seminars having previously attended Greek or foreign schools and that others after the seminars attend Greek or foreign schools. So the FK seminars and schools are not comparable. If the goal was to help some in the professional arena I would teach public relations and facilitation. On the contrary by putting difficulties I make it difficult for one’s path to lifestyle reality. Livelihood wise what I teach is not useful and I make that clear from the outset. Now if there is something I am proud of it is that I helped and this is also admitted by those who have attacked.

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I consider that good work

This direction was also done through my courses to NELE trainers throughout Greece. Some accused me at the time of talking heavily and about heavy artistic subjects to DM Databases a general audience that had nothing to do with them. However I believe that something remained for most people. Was this a good experience for you Very good. Then I felt for the first time how the Public Administration in Greece works. And in fact because the seminars were open I happened to talk to farmers as well. Each of them may perceive the artistic event differently but the bottom line is that when you simply give it to them they respond. And another characteristic of yours is that you speak making constant references to the other arts. So everyone should open up.

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