Just as great stories attract ads can also delivers. Kenya B2B List  A message effectively albeit with a slight change in delivery style. Why can this happen the answer to the question is clear. A story teaches us about the world and about ourselves thus effective advertising can tell a good story. As long as it sticks to its advertising structure. Today more and more professionals in the marketing. And advertising industry are becoming innovative by telling stories as branded content. Increasingly, people want to stand behind a brand that has a meaningful mission. Rather than just buy something. According to on spot reports 92 percent of consumers look. For brands that make ads that feel like a story. The above has an explanation. Messages with this format are 22 percent. More effective than hard data to stay in the consumer’s mind.

It Is a Fact That New Consumers Have Much More

And this is a good thing for them even if it is sometimes a bad thing for specialists. Thus companies that really use social networks to tell.  Kenya B2B List  A story that really connects can be successful. In addition the advantage of using user. Trends can be exploited. Through social networks you can be more assertive. Since most people are on different digital platforms (more than 2.7 billion worldwide). So what is the best way to tell a story for the digital landscape. Digital marketing institute tells us five ways to achieve it. Develop a story arc a story is essentially a sequence of events with a few key elements.

Choice Than Ever When It Comes to Choosing Brands

Kenya B2B List

With social media, you have many options to tell stories in new ways. Kenya B2B List Beyond traditional storytelling and advertising. While you may be restricted in certain ways length for example. You also have a number of tools at your fingertips. Each link, blog, video or image should be a mini-story on its own. With the potential to hook people in the long run. Thus you have to think about the “Arc of history” from the beginning. That is endowing the content with a beginning middle and endknots only with respect to each content but also in relation to long-term goals. Show not tell really. When it comes to any type of advertising whether it’s on social media or not it’s much better if it shows a story instead of a test. In the realm of social media. This could be as simple as creating a captivating video. Info graphic or even using a punchy image.

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