item in the flow, like in this sample from Engage: If Ecuador Email Address you fail on the first flow point, viewers may leave early or merely scan the infographic until they get bored or frustrated. If you fail on the second, you lose the power of infographics’ Ecuador Email Address chargeability because viewers won’t know what to do next. 2. UNCHECKED MATH If you include numbers, it’s essential to check your math. More than one infographic has surrendered credibility Ecuador Email Address through a simple error or even a clear mistake. A few common arithmetic errors you see on the web include: Graphs where the amount represented doesn’t match the comparative visuals Errors in subtraction.

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multiplication, or division Digit transpositions, Ecuador Email Address such as “18%” entered as “81%” Numbers commonly understood to be out of date Percentages that don’t add up to 100% With that last error, it’s common for polls and research with multiple Ecuador Email Address possible responses to correctly provide percentages that add up to more or less than 100%. If that’s the case for your infographic, include a footnote explaining this. In all cases, make it a Ecuador Email Address specific person’s job to check for these and other errors for every number you include or represent in your infographic. Make sure that person is good with math. During this analysis, they should also examine the.

Ecuador Email Address
Ecuador Email Address

context of a statistic. For example, if you find Ecuador Email Address something suggesting three out of four people trust online reviews, are they saying 75% of the general population do so, or just three-quarters of people who use them? Small details like that Ecuador Email Address can make or break your credibility. Also, dig to find the source of each statistic. Don’t rely on another infographic or the first Google result to confirm it’s accurate and relevant. Find its primary Ecuador Email Address source, and check its age and reputation. With math, sometimes statistics are so impressive they feel like something made up, especially if they support your product or company. In such cases, it’s smart to

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