noise. I only received a response after the 3rd Tanzania Email List follow-up email. This means if it had not been for the follow-up sequence, I would have never gotten a response. You need a follow-up sequence to ensure you get a couple more shots. But you Tanzania Email List don’t want to over-do it and annoy the hell out of your prospect. There’s no golden rule to how many follow-up emails you should send. Some people use a 7-step sequence; others use a 3-step sequence. Tanzania Email List For the automated campaign, I chose to go with a 2-step follow-up sequence. Here’s the first follow-up email, sent two days after the first step if I don’t receive a response: first follow-up

The Effective Leverage Of The Planning Phase

email to Manvi Here’s the second follow-up email, Tanzania Email List sent two days after the first follow-up: second follow-up email to Lauren For the manual campaign, I used a much simpler two-step sequence (one initial outreach and one follow-up) because I had to Tanzania Email List send each email manually. Here it is: The manual campaign cold outreach to Content MAILGENIUS Now that you have an idea of how you should craft your guest post pitch and your follow-up Tanzania Email List emails, let’s get into the actual crux of the experiment. To send manually or to automate? That is the question. SENDING MANUALLY VS. USING LEMLIST For the manual campaign, it’s

Tanzania Email List
Tanzania Email List

straightforward — send each email like you would any Tanzania Email List email. For the semiautomated campaign, follow the step-by-step instructions of your third-party email marketing service. Here’s are the steps on Lemli’s: STEP 1: NAME YOUR CAMPAIGN Tanzania Email List Steps on Lemli’s : 1. Name your Campaign STEP 2: IMPORT YOUR LIST (BUDDIES-TO-BE) To do this, download your Excel file with your list as a CSV and import it into Lemli’s by clicking Tanzania Email List on “Browse Files.” Note: Make sure you have columns with all the information (first name, company.

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