an example of how to open a loop at the Norfolk Island Email List end of an email ASK FOR A REPLY If they subscribed to your email by requesting a specific resource, ask them to confirm that they received the resource. If you’d like to start a conversation with your Norfolk Island Email List subscriber, ask them a specific question and tell them to reply with their response. 6. SUBSCRIBER CONTROL AND LIST MAINTENANCE Many marketers give their subscribers one of two Norfolk Island Email List options: stay subscribed to their list and receive all of their emails or unsubscribe and receive no emails at all. Giving your subscribers more control over the emails they receive from you, combined with the regular removal.

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of inactive subscribers (list maintenance), helps Norfolk Island Email List maintain higher open rates and a better reputation with your email service provider. Depending on your email service provider, you may be limited in the number of things you can give your Norfolk Island Email List subscribers control over. If possible, here are two things to consider giving your subscribers control of: CONTROL OVER TYPES OF EMAILS RECEIVED Not all of your subscribers will want to receive every type of email that you send. Give them the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe from specific types Norfolk Island Email List of emails (new content, promotions, product updates, customer-only emails, etc.). Here’s an example of a note in a

Norfolk Island Email List
Norfolk Island Email List

promotional email for an online course. By clicking Norfolk Island Email List the link in the P.S. section of the email, I would stop receiving emails about the course Norfolk Island Email List but remain subscribed to their list. Screenshot of unsubscribe from specific types of emails This simple technique allowed the sender to segment their email list based on a Norfolk Island Email List subscriber’s interest in a specific course, without forcing those who are not interested to unsubscribe from their list. CONTROL OVER SENDING FREQUENCY Let your subscribers choose how often they will receive email communication from you (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.). A significant portion of your list will likely want to continue receiving emails

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