B2b ecommerce is growing rapidly and is expected.Portugal B2B List  To reach $1.2 billion by 2021 as it continues to expand. According to marketing insider group. According to marketing inside group. We are all humanthis is how you are supposed to market and sell. According to business leader bryan kramer. There is no more b2b or b2c, so you can talk to everyone the same way. However that does not sound good this is because although we are all human. There are still key differences in the way we behave. It depends on the context of b2b or b2c, technology will not change that. From making purchasing decisions to actually purchasing a product. The circumstances are different. An example of this is that b2b purchases. Still have more parties interested in the decision. While a consumer may share purchasing decisions with .A spouse or family for b2c purchases.

All Humanthis Is How You Are Supposed to Market and Sell

They are likely to answer to managers or an entire finance.  Portugal B2B List  Team when it comes to b2b. B2b purchases also tend to have a longer. Consideration process. Undergo stricter scrutiny to meet purchase requirements. And often require order customizations. B2b purchases are made to meet a specific need and must meet specific criteria to do so. While smartphones have enabled online purchases to be made from anywhere. Many b2b sales will still happen on a computer due to other factors in the situation. Even though your first thought when hearing e-commerce might be. “b2. B2b e-commerce is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2021 as it continues to expand. This speaks to convergence between b2b and b2c.

According to Marketing Inside Group We Are

Portugal B2B List

Traditionally b2c behaviors such as self-service shopping become.Portugal B2B List  More common in the b2b space. However b2b e-commerce will always present challenges that. Are unique to b2b and do not need to be addressed with b2c customers. So that detailed order customization requires features like setting minimum order quantities as well as offering multiple payment options. This extends beyond site ux and cro. It also has implications for your marketing strategy .And campaigns. 2. Fully understand your customer’s behavior. You’ll also need to make sure your e-commerce platform integrates with your erp system. So you can link orders to all the other systems in your business like fulfillment. Customer service, and relationship management. With all that information in one place the possibilities are endless. Due to the complexity of b2b e-commerce purchases due to the details mentioned.

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