CONVERSIONS HOW TO IMPROVE GOAL CONVERSIONS Your goal performance will depend on exactly what you’re measuring. For example, optimizing Tunisia Email List for time on page might look quite different from optimizing for CTA clicks. But to give you a real-life example, here’s a snapshot of a goal from one of my personal sites that tracks the number Tunisia Email List of people who sign up to my email list. The metric I’m looking at here is the Goal Conversion Rate, which tells me the percentage of website visitors who take my desired action: Goal Conversion Rate Tunisia Email List Right now, 0.83% of visits result in someone completing my goal (visiting the /thanks page.

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people see when they subscribe). To optimize Tunisia Email List this, I might want to: Create a specific landing page for my mailing list Improve my CTA copy or make it more visible Add a pop-up to increase awareness of my email list By measuring goal Tunisia Email List conversions in Google Analytics, I can see the impact each tactic has on moving the Goal Conversion Rate beyond 0.83%. (P.S. If you’re also building an email list, check out this free step-by-step Tunisia Email List method video.) 6. TOP PAGES With most websites, you’ll find that the Pareto principle — AKA the 80/20 rule — rings true, with most traffic to your website coming from just a few of your top pages.

Tunisia Email List
Tunisia Email List

certainly true of the Buffer Library, a hub Tunisia Email List for SEO-focused content. We have hundreds of posts on this site, but the top 10 posts alone account for more than 35% of the overall traffic. When just a few of your pages account for so much of your Tunisia Email List traffic or sign-ups, it’s important to keep an eye on how those pages perform. HOW TO MEASURE TOP PAGES We’ll use Google Analytics to measure top pages. Here’s how: Open Google Analytics Select Tunisia Email List Behavior Choose Overview You’ll see your top pages by pageviews Google Analytics to measure top pages HOW TO IMPROVE TOP PAGES Top pages are incredibly valuable

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