genuine. Never try to sell something in the Sweden Phone Number List first email with this subject line. From Georgios Chasiotis, Founder at Minuttia 22. THE CLASSIC COLD OUTREACH EMAIL Subject line: Hey question about Open rate: 80% This one is a standard outreach email, but it has more personalization, which makes it a lot more effective Sweden Phone Number List than the usual spammy mass outreach email. From Austin Mullins, Founder at Conversion Creatives 23. THE STALKER EMAIL Subject line: I saw you were at {Relevant Location} too, I have Sweden Phone Number List a question Open rate: 75% This subject line exploits a mutual experience to create

How to Get (and Give) a Killer Testimonial

relevancy and pique the interest of Sweden Phone Number List the reader. From Stapho Thienpont, Founder at The Marketing Family 24. THE SERENADE EMAIL Subject line: I just called to say I like you Open rate: 52% This subject line is a little Sweden Phone Number List cheesy. But pop song references make things fun and more personable. Best used: to follow up on a cold call that was rejected. From Kinga Odziemek, Founder at Brainy Bees 25. THE DIPLOMATIC EMAIL Subject line: Editorial Inquiry Open rate: 70% This subject line sounds a little Sweden Phone Number List dry and political. But it works because it’s clear and direct. From Alan Silvetri, Founder at Growth Gorilla 26. THE ADVISOR EMAIL

Sweden Phone Number List
Sweden Phone Number List

Subject line: Freelancer Advice Open rate: 62% This subject line is targeted and direct, but vague enough to pique the recipient’s interest to open the Sweden Phone Number List email and read the first sentence. From Harry Dry, Founder at Marketing Examples BEST COLD EMAIL SUBJECT LINES FROM FREELANCERS/CONSULTANTS 27. THE PUNCHLINE EMAIL Subject Line: Re: Fake subject line to get your attention Open Rate: 55% “Don’t get me Sweden Phone Number List wrong, usually I hate using “Re:” in cold emails: It’s tricking the reader and I don’t like Sweden Phone Number List that. However, this subject line admits that it’s trickery immediately. It’s like a mini joke in the subject line. People can get a

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