Digital well-being is a concept that is gaining.Guatemala B2B List  More and more strength among brands and users. The misuse of new technologies.Such as smartphones or electronic tablets. Is leading to the generation of awareness strategies abou.T the danger they can present for people’s daily lives. Various current studies show that its use can interfere. With performance and even affect human health. Despite the above. The increase in applications is also useful to focus on a specific. Task or even to improve productivity in the future. Which serves to improve our conditions and rest itself. The internet has functioned as an ideal medium. Now fundamental for people companies and commercial brands. Hence the importance of social networks such as facebook. Twitter or recently instagram to connect with users.

Now It Seems That the Likes of Facebook

And how their technology is being used.  Guatemala B2B List Google google had some novelties for parental control. Since in android systems it presented a tool that allows knowing how much time a user spends on the mobile phone. It also triggers notifications about usage time in a particular app. Or activates the phone’s do not disturb mode just by turning it upside down or turning it upside down. At the same time, the wind down function arrives. Which aims to make a regression of the. Screen to a previous format, as if they had a resolution of 8 bits. By setting it to grayscale. The attention paid to the smartphone can be reduced. That will be activated .Within the night time and will have no usage restrictions.

Google and Apple Want to Raise Awareness of How Much

Guatemala B2B List

Finally through its video platform youtube. Guatemala B2B List A series of tools will be included in the. Mobile version to know how much time you spend inside it. Manzana apple presented its new operating. System for the flagship device of the firm ios 12. At the same time with this. Different applications will arrive to know the amount of time that we invest. In a certain iphone function or the time that the user spends with his mobile phone. This apple strategy also includes a notification system like. Google’s that will notify the time a person spends in an application.Along with the option to set limits on the time of use so that it is not excessive. Facebook with instagram recently. Facebook has changed the interaction algorithm on the platform. He has done the same with his second most famous social network.

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