Share on Facebook share on twitter share . Ethiopia B2B List On LinkedIn share on WhatsApp share by email .Written by Jazmin Garibay marketing digital marketing political marketing marketing. Mexico the girls in white bikinis hand out promotional flyers supposedly. Promoting a pri campaign. In the following image you can see one of the. Most recurrent strategies of brands with limited resources. Which in recent years has been criticized. For placing women as sexual objects the use of hostesses . Girls in white bikinis hand out promotional flyers . If you look closely you can see that by means of some editing program. Logos of the institutional revolutionary party (pri) were placed in the. Middle of the electoral period. At first impression. It seems that the girls were hired by the pri to promote their candidates.

Verified That They Were Superimposed and Even a Facebook.

User exposes it in a comment to the page that made the image go viral. More than a hobby the self-made musician from the same.  Ethiopia B2B List  Page he receives the answer that the intention is comic however. The implication goes further if one considers the enormous. Impact that these images on social networks have. Especially at this time prior to the elections. Fake news or false news continues to be an issue. On the agenda of the media and various autonomous and government agencies. Due to its possible impact on current issues, something that can lead. To considerable damage to the reputation and trust in companies brands media. Communication political parties and governments.

When Looking Closely at the Logos It Is

Ethiopia B2B List

This is what the future 2018 approaching report prepared. Ethiopia B2B List By corporate excellence and canvas warns . In which they emphasize that the proliferation of disinformation. Or false information grew more than 365 percent during the past year . Something that naturally continues to have an impact in the middle of 2018 . The data obtained based on the consultation of more than .50 experts and 250 sources analyzed globally, reveal that 63 percent of people do not distinguish. Between true news and rumors or fake news. That is why these types of images are recurrent to jeopardize. The reputation of politicians, not only in the case of the pri. An example in the case of the national action party (pan. Is the image of ricardo anaya , edited to make it look strange.

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