living things. In small amounts, these gases can Latvia Email Address be counteracted by trees and plants. However, the excessive use of this fuel around the world and the lack of green areas have caused it to accumulate faster and faster. In Latvia Email Address consequence, Its accumulation in the atmosphere, at present, is so much that it is one of the main causes of respiratory diseases throughout the planet, since it rapidly deteriorates the lungs. Second, another Latvia Email Address cause of environmental pollution is the excessive use of plastics. This material, today, is one of the most used by people given its versatility. Therefore, it can be found in all kinds of everyday objects.

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wever, a characteristic of this material is its Latvia Email Address long decomposition time. Indeed, plastic takes many years to degrade. For example, a bag takes 150 years to fully decompose, while a bag can take 400 years to disappear. This causes During Latvia Email Address all this time, the plastic is polluting the atmosphere. Furthermore, only a very small percentage of the objects made with this material manage to be recycled, which implies that most of the Latvia Email Address plastic is disposed of improperly. Thus, tons of plastic waste end up accumulating in the oceans, which produces , apart from the pollution of the marine ecosystem, the loss of numerous species of flora and.


Latvia Email Address
Latvia Email Address

fauna. This paragraph uses logical connectors Latvia Email Address and expressions to clearly communicate the cause and consequence relationship between different ideas. In other words, the resulting paragraph shows cohesion between its sentences: it resembles Latvia Email Address a tissue. This confirms that strategically resorting to these elements in the writing of a text facilitates the Latvia Email Address understanding and interpretation of the information by the reader. Dictionary of the Spanish language . Twenty-third edition. Madrid: Sepias. Consultation: November 30, 2020.

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