Share on twitter share on linkedin. Share on whatsapp share by email 06/13/2018 written .By jazmin garibay marketing digital marketing. Marketing, advertising vicky form joined. The brands that focus on a strategy. To stand out at the time of the world cup and launched. The spot for her new smart pantyhose feel the game. A chikini that vibrates. The lingerie brand communicated to the. Media that “This vibrating panty promises to eliminate couple .Fights since now the girls will be able to get excited about. The games as much or even more than their boyfriends.” discover the most sensual way to celebrate a goal. Go to https//t.Co/j6hfeozjna and learn more. And who will you share the passion of the game with? Form_mx) june 12,.2018 the design of the technology was created in .Collaboration with machina.

Mexican Company With an International Presence That Develops Smart Clothing

Which united vicky form’s lingerie with. UK WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists  Vibrators controlled by a bot that analyzes the plays of the matches. Hand in hand with the element digital agency. The brand added that this garment can be used .In different sports and in liga mx matches. It is not yet at a physical point of sale. But it can be pre-ordered online at this link for 999 mexican pesos. Although the strategy seems promising for the firm, some social network users have spoken out against the spot.However the ceo of the company.In the first place. josé zaga. Spoke exclusively with merca2.

About the Idea Behind the Campaign and Shared That

UK WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

A brand that wants to be shielded from criticism. Can no longer exist in this world. It seems to me that whoever trie.S to make bold advertising is natural to have some criticism. It is part of this conversation that is taking place today with the consumer the use. And it is part of this democratization. Of the conversation on social networks. The first thing I want to tell you is that what we really. Find alarming and misogynistic is the way in which this conflict.In the first place. Is approached by other brands even though the ads make. In the first place. Us laugh and are very creative and. Very interesting, and very well done. And have multi-million dollar budgets.

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