What also confuses me is the use of peculiar, non-intuitive, or non-specific names of categories, menu items, navigation items, etc. This happens more often than it should, or than I expected! I try not to focus on the negatives, though – in life and in SEO (laughs). What I tend to notice first are the positive aspects of a website and the things it does well. It’s a great approach; I didn’t know it also worked in SEO (laughs)! Let’s reverse the situation and focus on the positives. What is a website’s greatest asset when it comes to site architecture? It may sound simple, but when I can easily access all the information, and it flows and connects naturally.

And When It Allows Me to Quickly Jump in and Explore.

Related topics and content. It is a pleasure to use websites that are well planned. And designed with the user in mind. Now let’s talk about your job – how do you usually. Work with clients? What does your communication look like? Two-way communication is actually. The Lebanon Phone number crucial part of our job – we use slack and one of the client’s team task management tools. Like trello or asana. We give clients tasks to complete and follow up with them. We also schedule meetings where we divide responsibilities and. If necessary, we are available for additional. Appointments if problems require further explanation. We try to ensure that all tasks are simple.

We Explain Tasks Until the Client’s Team Understands.

Lebanon Phone Number List

what needs to be done and how. Does each working day have a busy schedule or does it vary? Every day is different, but it’s usually about monitoring the progress of websites in Google Search Console. Changes to sites are not implemented on a daily basis, but I remain aware of any tasks and issues. And what is the first thing you do every day? I make coffee (laughs). I can’t do much before having my morning coffee – and for me, that’s really MORNING coffee, because I usually start at 7am – or at least I try (laughs.

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