an email. Each version will be sent to 15% of my Pitcairn Email List list. After one day, the winner (the email with the highest open rate) will be sent to the remaining 70% of my list: Screenshot of split test options by ActiveCampaign. 8. STAY COMPLIANT Fundamentally, email marketing is meant to be a permission-based medium of communication. For the sake of Pitcairn Email List building a sustainable business where our subscribers and customers want to hear from us, Pitcairn Email List let’s abide by email marketing regulations and best practices. Here are a few tips to avoid spam complaints from your subscribers: DOUBLE OPT-INS Don’t allow new subscribers to join your email list without first confirming

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that they would like to receive email Pitcairn Email List communication from you. This can be accomplished using a double opt-in, where your email service provider sends a confirmation email to a new subscriber before sending your first marketing email, like this one: Screenshot of email example for double opt-ins GDPR COMPLIANCE GDPR is the overall Pitcairn Email List name given to a series of EU laws around personal data protection, including the collection and use Pitcairn Email List of email addresses. These laws don’t just apply to organizations based in the EU, but to anyone who stores and processes data on an EU citizen. Without going into too much detail (check out this guide to GDPR and email

Pitcairn Email List
Pitcairn Email List

marketing for more details), the bottom line is that Pitcairn Email List we need to be able to show that our subscribers have given us their consent to send them marketing emails. UNSUBSCRIBE LINKS Don’t make your subscribers have to work to unsubscribe. Include Pitcairn Email List an easy-to-find unsubscribe link in the header or the footer of all of your emails — like this link in a footer, for example: Screenshot of email unsubscribe link 9. INVEST IN BECOMING MOBILE-FRIENDLY With nearly half of all emails opened on a mobile device, your emails must be Pitcairn Email List optimized for mobile.[*] Here are a few tips for sending mobile-friendly emails: MOBILE-RESPONSIVE DESIGN For emails that are

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