Now that you know how your users search for information, use the words that your keyword research has identified in the key elements of a given page. You should use the main keywords associated with your page in all crucial elements, like the meta title, headings, and navigation elements that point to that page. The more common language you use on these labels, the easier it will be to find information. For example, if you decide to have a blog, be sure to call it a blog unless you have a great reason not to . Don’t get too creative, or you might accidentally confuse your readers. Optimize your page structure Now your intent and queries should be clearly attributed to the pages.

Then It’s Time to Decide What to Put on Each Page and Intuitively.

structure the results. This is where page structure with clearly defined headings and subheadings comes in handy. Ideally, the Uganda Phone number user should be able to determine whether the content is relevant to them or not by simply reading the headlines. To be coherent. Keep a similar structure for pages with similar goals. Use flat website structure for better SEO A flat website structure is one where the most important pages are just a few clicks away from the homepage. Search engine crawlers are unlikely to crawl pages buried deep in the structure. It also helps to spread PageRank more efficiently. Website Architecture Diagram Include all pages in your architecture In addition to being flat, an SEO-optimized website structure should incorporate all of the pages .

This Means That There Is No Orphan Content.

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Orphan pages are those that have no inbound links. If all the pages are well defined and have a purpose, they should all be related to each other. This binding structure should be simple and predictable to facilitate user navigation. When interacting with the website, the relationship between linked pages should be clear and intuitive. Messy structures can lead to crawling issues and users lose patience and leave your website.

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