After a job interview, you might send a follow-up Norway Phone Number List email to thank the interviewer for their time. After a prospect hasn’t replied to a sales email, you might follow up and try another angle to make the sale. After your latest invoice is overdue, you might Norway Phone Number List need to chase the payment. WHY YOU SHOULD SEND FOLLOW-UP EMAILS Executives and CEOs can receive a lot of emails. Couple that with text messages, social media posts… plus Norway Phone Number List actual work, and that’s a lot to deal with each day. So it’s easy to see how one email could slip through the cracks. Following up gives your message more or a chance of being seen and getting a reply. Sending follow-up

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emails is an important job for the growth team Norway Phone Number List at Sumo. The Sumo team has found that response rates to follow-up emails can be even higher than initial emails — initial emails tend to receive a response rate of 29.8% BUT follow-up emails Norway Phone Number List received a response rate of 39.8%: Follow-Up Email: Sreenshot of graph of average response rate compared against the number of follow up emails If Sumo’s growth team were to give up on Norway Phone Number List every prospect it reached out to after one email, they’d be waving goodbye to a lot of leads… and revenue! WHAT HOLDS PEOPLE BACK FROM FOLLOWING UP I get it. Following up can seem a little awkward. It’s so easy to.

Norway Phone Number List
Norway Phone Number List

brush off an opportunity and tell yourself: “They just Norway Phone Number List can’t have been interested.” I’ve been there plenty of times. Especially when it comes to following up about freelance work… or even worse, payment. There’s nothing more awkward than Norway Phone Number List chasing up money, right? You write the email… Read it 50 times… Make edits… Then just as you’re about to hit send… you stop and tell yourself you’ll give it “a few more days.” Sound familiar? Here Norway Phone Number List are three reasons people (like you and me) don’t follow up, and some quick ways to change your thinking and ensure you follow up every time from now on. 1. YOU DON’T WANT TO SEEM PUSHY So you had a job

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