Facebook groups. Just remember not to be Qatar Email List spams and operate within the rules of the groups. C. PROMOTE DAILY AFTER THAT Don’t be a spammer and promote everywhere every day; but on your main social media platforms, post the giveaway Qatar Email List once per day. People aren’t on social media all day every day, and we want to make sure that all your followers have a chance to see the giveaway and enter it if they Qatar Email List want to. 6. CHOOSE AND CONTACT YOUR WINNER(S) When the giveaway ends, follow the steps in KingSumo to select your winner(s) randomly and contact them so you can award the prize. Email the winner and have.

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them send you their mailing address, and Qatar Email List forward that along to your giveaway partner(s) so they can ship their donated prize as well. Choose the Winner UPLOAD TO YOUR ESP When your giveaway has ended, you’ll need to upload your Qatar Email List new subscribers to your email list. Before uploading them, you’ll want to do a spot-check for fake emails. Sometimes people like to use their unique link to enter with fake emails to boost their Qatar Email List entries, and it can negatively impact your open rates and your sender reputation if you import a bunch of emails that aren’t real. There are a couple of ways to go about this. The free way is just to spot-check it.

Qatar Email List
Qatar Email List

yourself. After you’ve downloaded the CSV file Qatar Email List from KingSumo, open it and sort it alphabetically. Most of the time when people create fake emails, they’ll clusters and delete them. The second way that does a better job, but is not free, is to validate the emails using a site like Validity or Bulk Email Checker. A current Validity Qatar Email List promotion, up to 5,000 emails for free, but even normally, it’s still very affordable. 8. POST-GIVEAWAY: CONVERT NEW SUBSCRIBERS INTO CUSTOMERS Once the winner has been notified and confirmed, and your new subscribers have been.

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