On October 6, 2021, Bartosz Goralewicz spoke with Martin Splitt from Google about SEO rendering – a topic they have been covering and exposing to the SEO community for some time now. The webinar was moderated by Jason Barnard and hosted by Duda.co. You can read the full transcript here and watch the recording here, but in this short article I want to talk about some of the things I found most notable about this conversation. Hide content 1 The report for the classification 2 Rendering isn’t just about JavaScript 3 Google cares about CPU consumption when rendering 4 Using CMS platforms has pros and cons when it comes to rendering 5 SEO rendering helps both Google and your users.

The Report for the Classification Bartosz Opened the Discussion.

With a fundamental question to many seos, and martin’s. Answer was quite simple: yes, if something goes wrong when google. Tries to render your page, it can hurt you. Rendering is an essential step in google’s indexing pipeline. It mainly consists of retrieving resources and executing. Javascript to Kazakhstan Phone number create a layout tree for a given page. This layout tree is a crucial source of information about this page for google. – it helps to understand where the main content is, what. The page is about and it is used in the subsequent steps which lead. To the display of your page in search results. Even the most minor bug in your code can cause part or even an entire.

Page to Render Incorrectly Both in Your Users.

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Browsers and for google’s web rendering service. The consequences of this can vary from the unindexed. Page as google cannot see the content to certain parts of that unindexed content, which can. In turn, hurt your rankings. And unfortunately, even looking at some. Very popular websites, you will find many bugs and javascript that are just too. Heavy to render – our research suggests that heavy scripts are often. Responsible for the partial indexing problem. Rendering isn’t just about javascript. This point is key because it implies that you should consider.

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