Get the most out of Alexa (also known as Amazon Echo), Amazon’s personal assistant that reacts like a human. Well, that may sound strange, but strangely this is true. From playing our favorite music to booking a taxi, Alexa, a “superwoman,” can do almost anything when asked.

Alexa Never Fails to Surprise Us. in Many Cases It May 

 But Alexa has a lot of quirky and cool things that most of us are unaware of.

Here are the top 20 things Alexa can do for you, and some of them are incredible! But believe me, Alexa CAN!

You can actually use Alexa to stream music, play audiobooks, connect to your computer and use it as a speaker, and get the latest weather information and news. Connecting Bluetooth to your laptop makes your setup smarter because there are no extra wires in the plug-in. You just connect the speakers right behind the Echo Dot or Echo device.

Alexa is a very useful tool for ordering goods, ordering meals, and getting OLAs online. You can ask Alexa to order household items such as toilet paper and batteries to meet your daily requirements. It’s convenient because it’s easy to forget these typical household items when making a shopping list. Philippines Photo Editor 

Philippines Photo Editor

This Is an Amazing Feature of Alexa. It’s Fun to Ask Alexa What

happened at any time of the year in history. You can also ask Alexa about the historic events that happened on a particular day by saying, “Alexa, start this day in history.”

Not everyone speaks the same language. If your resident lives in a place that is fluent in multiple languages, Alexa has a mode built just for you. Alexa’s multilingual mode allows you to speak in two different languages, both of which are understood by Alexa. This service is available in the United States supports English and Spanish India supports Indian English and Hindi and Canada (Alexa understands both English and Canadian French

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