marketing right now, but I know that a ton of Slovakia Email List solar companies depend on door-knocking tactics, and, obviously, that’s not possible right now. This was important because some counties in California froze issuing solar install permits, so we want Slovakia Email List them to know we’re aware of the challenges they’re facing. We also remind them about losing their favorite channel — door-knocking — to better position our offering as the solution. To Slovakia Email List round out the email, we have the qualifying question and the signature, same as the previous two emails for Primer and Pico. Let me know if you’d be open to exploring. If not, we totally understand the.

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need to cut back. How interesting does this Slovakia Email List sound to you? DOING IT AT SCALE One thing we’ve yet to touch on is how to do this to send 5,000, or 10,000, or 100,000 unique emails. First, break down what you do into discrete tasks that Slovakia Email List don’t need external explanation and can be answered by simple yes/no questions. You’ll need to hire a virtual assistant and then train them on this task. Training a virtual assistant on the task is much Slovakia Email List more detailed than saying, “Hey, look at this solar installer’s webpage and see if they’d be a great lead for selling them a direct mail campaign.” You need to give them precise instructions on collecting the.

Slovakia Email List
Slovakia Email List

data you need to qualify prospects. One way to Slovakia Email List do this is to record a Loom video of yourself doing the task and talking through it, manually collecting the data for 10 or 20 rows, or at least until it seems clear enough how the task needs to be Slovakia Email List done. If it’s not already clear, this is the data your automated outbound campaign will pull into each email you send to prospects. You might tell them: Look at this solar installer’s website. Does it Slovakia Email List contain the word products? Does this lead have the phrase “direct mail” in their LinkedIn summary? And so on. We recommend doing the first 20 or 30 rows yourself to get a thorough understanding of the task.

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