I can’t have nice things… Website: Jacob McMillen South Africa WhatsApp Number List Why It Worked So Well: Jacob’s list is mainly writers interested in growing their business. This email is perfectly targeted to such a person. Also, the subject line piques curiosity South Africa WhatsApp Number List to help improve the open rate, and the writing inside the email is very specific (“if you’re a writer, this is specifically written to you”). However, I do think the open rate may have been South Africa WhatsApp Number List better with a subject line written toward the benefits rather than a blanket curiosity statement, such as “How to create a website that generates $X worth of leads.” But you never know if you don’t A/B test it! 10. CLICKBAIT CONTENT EMAIL

Changing a Bad Experience Into a Great Experience, Language and Tactics

Screenshot of clickbait content email by Brazen South Africa WhatsApp Number List Church Recipients: 1,701 Open Rate: 61.4% Click Rate: 35.6% Subject Line:10 Ridiculous Christian Myths About Dating Website: Brazen Church Why It Worked So Well: This email had a South Africa WhatsApp Number Listcrazy-high open and click rate. Part of the reason is a well-groomed list. The other part is clickbait. If you’re a Christian, especially a single Christian, this email is bound to catch your attention. Plus, humor is always a great way to get people to take action. Everyone loves to laugh (except maybe those South Africa WhatsApp Number List scary aunts with the ruler), so adding humor to your emails can be a great engagement booster. Just be careful — humor is a powerful tool, but hard to master and easy to mess up. Pro Tip: Try using some

Holiday Home Ownership – Tips on Subletting

humor power words like “funniest”, “hilarious”, etc. in your South Africa WhatsApp Number Listsubject lines to improve open rates. GET PROVEN EMAIL BLAST TEMPLATES Want to start sending email blasts that get amazing results like these examples? Click the button below to get my email blast templates for product and content emails, so you can copy and paste an amazing South Africa WhatsApp Number List email blast and hit “send” right away! MARKETING How to Write A Newsletter: Step-By-Step Guide (With Real Examples) Today I’m going to show you how to write a newsletter — Sumo-style. In fact, it’s the same newsletter writing tips we used to make $1,846 monthly recurring revenue when we promoted this

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