bonuses for early sign-ups. CONTENT EMAIL BLAST EXAMPLES 7. MULTIMEDIA CONTENT EMAIL Screenshot of multimedia content email by CBD CentralScreenshot of multimedia content email by CBD Central Recipients: 350 Open Rate: 40% Click Slovenia WhatsApp Number List Rate: 14% Subject Line: So – what is the endocannabinoid system, anyway? Website: CBD Central Why It Worked So Well: Compared to the health industry averages of 20% open and 2.18% click Slovenia WhatsApp Number List rate, this email blast performed exceptionally well.[*] This is due to the high quality of CBD Central’s content and graphics. CBD Central has some of the best content on the web about CBD oil, an

Top Ten Signs of Poor Customer Service

industry historically riddled with false claims and Slovenia WhatsApp Number List misinformation, further improving their engagement. Pro Tip: If you’re going to use visuals, especially to explain a complex topic like biology, they need to be good. The better they are, the Slovenia WhatsApp Number List more engagement you’ll get. (That’s not all — high-quality images improve trust, which makes it easier to build links to your content, sell your products, and more.) Consider Slovenia WhatsApp Number List hiring a designer if you’re going to use an image-heavy email like this one. Additionally, run your emails through a spam test tool like Mail-Tester before you hit send to maximize your deliverability.[*] 8. CASE STUDY CONTENT EMAIL Screenshot of case

Different Ways How You Can Make Money Online at Home

study content email by Sumo Slovenia WhatsApp Number List Recipients: 38,731 Open Rate: 37.1% Click Rate: 9.8% Subject Line: 10k traffic in 30 days (with no budget) Website: Sumo Why It Worked So Well: The email was sent to a list of small business owners Slovenia WhatsApp Number List whose biggest challenge is growing traffic to their site without money to spend on ads. Sending a case study of how someone in their exact situation achieved a specific result (i.e., 10k traffic in 30 days) was the perfect content people on the list wanted. 9. STORY-BASED CONTENT EMAIL Screenshot of Slovenia WhatsApp Number Liststory-based content email by Jacob McMillen Recipients: 5,654 Open Rate: 38% Click Rate: 8.2% Subject Line: This is why

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