download other free resources. Move them Mayotte Email Lists forward in your funnel, not backward. SEND CUSTOM EMAILS TRIGGERED BY SPECIFIC BEHAVIOR Instead of assuming a subscriber has taken a specific action, create tags to identify which Mayotte Email Lists of your subscribers have taken specific actions. Here’s an example of an automation based on subscriber behavior that I created using ActiveCampaign: Screenshot of automation send custom Mayotte Email Lists emails triggered by ActiveCampaign When someone opts in to receive my free Content Marketing Worksheet, they automatically receive an email with the link to download the worksheet. If they click the link in the email.

Techniques You Must Master to Whip Prospects Into a Buying Frenzy

they are tagged as having clicked Mayotte Email Lists the link. Six hours later, ActiveCampaign checks to see if that subscriber has the link click tag. If they don’t, they are sent a reminder email to download the worksheet before receiving the next email in my follow-up Mayotte Email Lists sequence: Screenshot of reminder/follow-up email to user by ActiveCampaign 4. SEGMENT YOUR EMAIL LIST One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an email marketer is to treat everyone on your list Mayotte Email Lists equally. To help ensure your subscribers receive relevant emails based on their interests or stage in your marketing funnel, you’ll need to segment your list. Segmentation enables you to send the right.

Mayotte Email Lists
Mayotte Email Lists

message, to the right person, at the right time. And Mayotte Email Lists the extra effort that it takes to segment your email list is definitely worth it. Segmented email campaigns contribute to higher open rates, higher click-through-rates, lower bounce rates, and lower Mayotte Email Lists unsubscribe rates.[*] To give you an example, I recently wanted to email my subscribers who watched my webinar but had not applied for a free consultation (the goal of the webinar was to produce free Mayotte Email Lists consultations). By creating a segment of my list for the email, I was able to send a follow-up message to these subscribers: Screenshot of segment email/subscribers list Segmenting your subscribers

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