That affect the positioning and reach of the media. President Email Lists Now as compensation he will integrate the breaking news label. Which will start running in 80 countries in north America south America. Europe India and australia. Local news / today in yes, again this trend of social platforms to look more local. Fb has tried it with some changes, google is testing a new app and. In the case of Zuckerberg’s company. It is also testing a local stories section. It will include breaking video and live coverage.As well as daily recaps and weekly reports. Polls in messenger stories facebook has long been taking .Advantage of this marketing resource both on this social network and on instagram.

A Sense of Community and Promote the Content

Now, the change is that you are sending polls to messenger stories. President Email Lists  In this way it will be easy to encourage interaction with friends. And followers from the moment a status is shared. Perfect for brands media and influencers. Political ads this is an issue that has cost facebook dearly .And therefore like twitter and .Google it continues to make changes. The most recent is one focused on the transparency. Of electoral announcements and political issues. From now on advertisers who buy spaces for. Political spots must verify their identity and location. Thus only those that are authorized with. The information related to the publisher will appear. This policy is active only in the united states.

Published by Friends and Contacts Facebook Made Some Changes

President Email Lists

But it is likely to expand to other countries. President Email Lists In Mexico for example it launched a tool with which all the. Profiles created by some character and political organization. Candidate or official will be able to create a tab so that users can directly. Learn about their proposals and platforms. All these will be added to the huge list .In the first place.Of changes that Facebook has made in order. To regain the trust and liking of users as well as remain attractive to advertisers. Among them the novelties in Facebook marketplace stand out. New metrics for video changes for content .Creators to monetize their videos like on YouTube. As well as new tools; redesign for your bookmarks menu.

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