It is indisputable that this instagram. Has become one of the favorite social platforms. Of millions of people – it currently has around 800. Million users. It is indisputable that this. Instagram has become one of the favorite. Social platforms of millions of people – it currently has .Around 800 million users. It has a lot to do. With being one of the platforms that has best. Understood the way in which people prefer to share. And consume content. Not for nothing has it positioned itself this year. As one of the most valuable brands in the world with a. Brand value of 14 thousand 496 million dollars.

According to the brandz top 100 ranking

And what better way to exemplify.  Buy Latvia WhatsApp Numbers  The scope of this social network than to take the. 2018 world cup in russia as a reference.Since the national teams and many of the players. With the highest engagement in the world are presented there. To give us a parameter cristiano ronaldo. Is not only the third highest paid athlete. In the world (more than 108 million dollars. According to forbes), but also one of the most popular. On instagram he has more than 130 million followers. So what if russia’s 2018 best xi was made up of the most popular footballers on instagram. Well, it would be like this.

In mexico currently the series that consumers

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Of this type of content pay attention to every sunday is luis miguel la serie. Video on demand could generate revenue for this 2018 for 14 thousand 42 million dollars worldwide. According to estimates by statista. The format found a need in audiences and turned it into a multi-million dollar business. The secret consisted in discovering the demand. For content consumed without time restrictions and through any device. Now that the digital connection is a norm in the market. In mexico, currently the series that consumers of this type. Of content pay attention to every sunday is luis miguel.

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