We know that wonder woman is the. Jewel in the crown of dc entertainment and warner bros. Pictures and that she is one of the fundamental pieces. For the consolidation of their movie universe. We know that wonder woman is the jewel in the crown. Of dc entertainment and warner bros. Pictures and that she is one of the fundamental. Pieces for the consolidation of their movie universe. Just last week, the producers decided to start marketing for the sequel to this franchis which.From what it has shown us so far could be the most. Successful in this cinematic universe. For this reason. They turned to their two main ambassadors and those responsible. For the success of wonder woman: the director patty jenkins and its protagonist. (now confirmed) gal gadot. Both published a couple of photographs on their social. Networks and the engagement of both was immediately noted.

And so they closed the week because

On saturday gal gadot herself published on her social networks. Buy Nigeria WhatsApp Numbers  The first photograph of the new look that her armor. Will wear in wonder woman 1984. This is important because. As we know the film that is scheduled. To hit theaters in december 2019 is set in the 1980s. So they asked if the costume of princess diana of themyscira. Would present some changes. And the answer comes in this first image where few modifications. Are seen except that it will have brighter colors. Probably because it is in tune with the time of the film. Gal gadot ‘s engagement has been felt immediately.

The photograph with the caption “she’s bac

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Accumulates more than 83 thousand retweets and exceeds. 373 thousand likes on twitter a clear sign. That this project is arousing great expectations. This is good news because wonder woman 1984 will have. As its first objective to surpass the first film that grossed more than 821 million dollars. According to box office figures, but rather to consolidate. The dc extended universe after aquaman is released. And shazam!You can take into account the way in which you should serve the user. Currentlytechnology allows knowing the way. In which the consumer develops and that has to be. Taken advantage of in a timely manner.

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