Event organized by instagram. Including its plans to compete. With youtube and snapchat discover. Social networks. Have become basic for the communication and interaction of millions of people. And instagram is one of the platforms. That have best understood users. Without a doubt, the photo and video sharing app. Has become one of the most popular social platforms. It currently has more than 800 million monthly active users. Averaging 206 minutes per month on the platform, according to data from verto analytics. For this reason. Facebook seeks to grow its marketing potential to the maximum. So much so that it would be targeting two giants of the digital world. One of them is the google video platforms.

It happens that an event organized by instagram

Is scheduled for this wednesday. June 20 in which several important.  Buy Hong Kong WhatsApp Numbers  Instagram became the second social network. To enter the brandz top 100 ranking of the most valuable brands in the world. With a brand value of 14 thousand 496 million .Dollars. According to the media. It is a new video format known as igtv that would. Be part of explore tab and that would be focused. On allowing users to create content. More similar to a vlog lasting up to 10 minutes. Widely increasing the minute of maximum duration that it currently allows and with 4k resolution.

This would be coincident with another

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Report from the wall street journal released. A few days ago (videos of up to an hour long are. Proposed here), in which it is proposed that this new. Instagram function would seek to connect with content creators and celebrities ( influencers). Who could add links in said videos. To stimulate interaction with followers. Although instagram has not given any details or made. In the first place. The arrival of igtv official it is anticipated. That its objective would not be to compete with other original. Content production platforms such as netflix or hbo.But with a service. This new function would come very ad. Hoc with one of the most recent changes that. Instagram implemented that of allowing. Multiple photos and videos to be uploaded simultaneously in stories.

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