It is indisputable that digital advertising is already.Nicaragua B2B List  One of the main resources for brands to connect. With their target audiences and if we talk about mobile marketing. This becomes even more relevant. It is indisputable that digital advertising is already one of the main. Resources for brands to connect with their target audiences and. If we talk about mobile marketing this becomes even more relevant . The story goes that in the last two years investment. In media has shifted towards digital only during 2017. Spending on these channels was approximately 209 billion dollars worldwide. Surpassing traditional media such as television radio and print.According to data from magna.The research arm of ipg mediabrands . But this takes on a different hue if we see other projections.

Those That Refer to Mobile Devices as

Information and entertainment therefore.  Nicaragua B2B List   It is a great area of ​​opportunity for brands. This is how the numbers dictate according to zenith projections. By 2020 about 30 percent of the investment in advertising. Will be destined to the mobile internet. In fact according to a study carried out by verve. Digital ads increase their engagement potential if they. Are designed to reach consumers through their mobile devices and. Especially if they are based on interests and geographic location. This thesis is reinforced by a recent survey carried out by lawless. Research and factual. Advertising targeted by the location of the target is one of the. Resources most used by brands. After asking more than 700 marketers about the. Use of mobile marketing and the use of location and location data.

The Main Window Where People Consume Content

Nicaragua B2B List

The results were overwhelming. Nicaragua B2B List With 87 percent saying they use both of these. Factors to locate their ads. The foregoing, because the respondents indicate that they are. Effective in stimulating the participation of clients and obtaining growt. As well as increasing (53 percent) the level of conversation. What is this about? According to specialist. Personalization is a concept that carries a lot of weight in marketing and, if we take as a reference the location habits and schedules of consumers. It can be achieved with greater opportunity.  Which is why various applications such as google map. Waze.Foursquare. Even facebook and google itself are designing new options to offer advertisers .

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