Around this peculiar phrase. Users viralized the image of two total play employees. Watching a soccer game at a stand of their sky competition. With various interpretations. Users echoed the peculiar image where comments. That favor the brand are a constant that the television signal. Company should capitalize on. So far, mexico ranks as the latin american country in the pay television market. According to an annulus signed by dataxis, concentrating 27.2 percent of the total number of subscribers in the region. Between 2015 and 2017 the number of subscriptions to this. Service increased significantly. As a result of the analog blackout. However it is true that streaming services remain a large rival. To overcome that now. Seems to conquer the preferences of audiences. A situation that has reduced the performance.

Of companies that develop in this industry

According to the company’s financial report.  Buy Malta WhatsApp Numbers  Sky registered a 1 percent drop in profits during the. First quarter of this year to which are added the. 97 thousand 923 net active subscribers less (1.2 percent). In the same period. This occurs even though the company owns the exclusive. Rights to the 2018 world cup in russia, an event that has captured the attention .Of most audiences since last thursday. With this in mind, it is necessary to reinforce the communication. Actions that allow the brand to stay close to the target audiences in order to deliver added values ​​that go beyond the functional dish. And opportunities such as the viral image that. Is now circulating on social networks. They can be a good start.

However after the historic game against germany

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In which the tricolor beat the teutons 1-0 yesterday. The argentine seems to retract and praises the mexicans. “germany didn’t give him anything. But mexico knew how to solve all the problems .On the field and what a counterattack. If mexico becomes 50 percent as precise as it was in the middle of the field, in the german area.We would be talking about a 3-0 or a 4-0″, detailed the mythical number 10 to argentine television. He added that guillermo ochoa proved to be a real. “wall”: “(he is) a goalkeeper (memo ochoa. I have been seeing him since américa played.

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